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Hello.  My name is Nancy K Anderson.  I graduated from Chadron State College in 2003.  My first teaching position was in a Class I school in Whitney, Nebraska.  In the four years I was teaching at Whitney School, I taught all grades, K-8, at some time.   I then switched schools due to moving and taught grades K-2 at Prairie Home School.  This was another rural school that had consolidated with Chadron Public Schools. I switched schools again so I would have a shorter commute and taught grades 5-8 at Trunk Butte School.  Again, this was a rural school that was with Chadron Public Schools.  In 2011, Chadron Public Schools decided to close the four rural schools and did some reconfiguration.  I am now teaching in Chadron at the Chadron Intermediate School.  Our building has all third and fourth graders in Chadron Public Schools. I am a fourth grade teacher and loving it!  There are three other fourth grade teachers and three third grade teachers.  The school years keep flying by and I have a feeling they won't slow down.

My husband, Travis, and I live on a ranch.  We raise cattle.  We also have horses, cats, and two dogs. Travis is a rancher and also works for the neighbors as time allows. Our daughter, Regan, is a fourth grader.  Our younger daughter, Anna, is five years old.  She will begin kindergarten in the fall.  Our youngest child is Turner.  He will turn three in August.  We love Nebraska life, especially since we live in the country!

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