Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Taking Learning into His Own Hands

Preston loves to build. For his Birthday, his mom bought him a robotic arm kit. He said that he worked on putting the arm together over a period of five to six days. "There were a lot of little parts and a big manual of instructions." I asked Preston if he would be willing to share it with the class. Preston even let each child "play" with the robotic arm. We had fun picking up pencils and pulling tissues from the box. 

Agate Fossil Beds

We didn't let the wind and cool weather prevent us from having a wonderful time yesterday.  This was the first year Chadron fourth graders took a trip to Agate. The Rangers did such a nice job with the presentations. We learned about the animals that lived in the area at least 20 million years ago. We hiked and saw the dens of the Paleocastors. Inside the visitor center we learned about Native Americans and even got to try on a tanned buffalo hide! It was a great learning experience.