Thursday, September 26, 2013

Supplies Needed

The students will get to make terrariums in Science class, but we need your help.  Please send a clean 2 liter bottle to school with your child.  Don't have one at home?  I bet the students would love a sweet drink and would be more than willing to empty a full 2 liter bottle for you;)  Thanks for your help!

Monday, September 16, 2013

David Nieves

Today, the students met author and herpetologist, David M. Nieves.  At the age of eight, David M. Nieves became captivated with reptiles while caring for a garter snake brought home by his brother. This began a lifelong fascination with the field of herpetology.  Since those early years, David has devoted himself to the field of herpetology.  Because of a strong commitment to educate others about this misunderstood and feared group of animals, David continues to present educational programs to people of all ages at schools, libraries, nature centers, literature festivals, children’s museums, expos, and zoos. His books have become an additional way to share and David is currently working onAmphibians Up Close.  (This information was taken from

Meeting Turner

The students had been asking when I was going to stop by so they could meet the newest addition.  Turner, Anna, and I made a surprise visit!

The students couldn't believe how tiny his feet are.

Monday, September 9, 2013


Nebraska's state soft drink is Kool-Aid.  Hastings, Nebraska is home of Kool-Aid Days.  The students enjoyed having a drink and making Kool-Aid pickles.  Doesn't sound appealing?  Give the recipe a try!