Wednesday, February 8, 2017

It's All Relative

We are excited to begin a new Unit in Science: Physical Science.  I will admit it, I LOVE physical science.  Today we began describing the physical properties of matter.  Physical properties include: color, shape, texture, and size.  We also talked about Relative Size which is how big or small something is when compared to something else.  Ask your child to give you an example using relative size.  You will find that IT'S ALL RELATIVE!

Which one is small?

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Out of This World

The Fourth grade students are learning about the planets right now in Science. This week we are putting together a book. Each page gives facts and information about a specific planet. The students researched a planet with a partner and then shared their information with the class. I am excited to see how they turn out!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Mixing Things Up

Beginning next Wednesday, your child may be going to a different teacher/classroom for Reading and Language.  We have changed our groups.  No matter what teacher your child may have, all 4th graders will be doing the same curriculum.  A note will be going home with your child stating who he/she has for Reading/Language.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Book Projects

The Big Idea for Unit 2 in reading is: "What can animals teach us?"  Each student in my reading group had to pick out a chapter book that had an animal as either the main character or an animal played an important role in the story.  We are now choosing which projects we will complete.  Each child must pick two of the nine projects and will then give a presentation on their book.  The presentations will be in two weeks.  Below is their Choice Board.  Ask your child what projects they are going to do and I bet they would love some of your help to complete them.  Thank you!

Your assignment is to pick two projects from the selection below. You will be graded on your projects and your oral presentation.
1. Create a diorama​-use a box and create the setting of your story
2.Make a poster​-pretend your book is going to be made into a movie
3.Create a book jacket​-different than the one on your book
4.Write the author a letter​-State why you did or did not like the book
5.Put together a Google Slides presentation
6.Write a letter​ to a friend informing them why they should read the book
7.Make a memory game​- use index cards with the vocabulary words and definitions 4
8.D Trioramas​- What were your favorite parts of the book, who were the characters, etc.
9.Book report flaps​- recall the events in the order that they happened


This is the list for the week of October 31st. The test will be on Friday, November 4th.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Writer's Block ...No Way!

I love lists! It is even more fun when the lists are colorful. This year my students will be doing some creative writing using different lists. This is the first of several for the year. It is a great way to allow students to continue writing if they finish early during writing period. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

News Show

Hello!  My students have taken the bull by the horns this year and decided to be the first class to put together a CIS News Show.   We work hard during the week to create scripts and then record the show.  Then every Monday morning, all of the  students in the school begin the week by watching that week's news show.  Check out the first three that we created.  We just got done recording next week's show and then will have one more week before passing the baton:)

Week of 9-26-16 : 

Week of September 19th:

Week of September 12th:

ENJOY!  We have had fun creating them and working on our public speaking skills.